What I Bring to the Table


What We Create Together

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What is It that You Take Away

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Sharing Me

What I Bring To The Table

A believer of silver linings, a seeker of answers within, and an enthusiast for all the joy that this existence brings, I have always felt moved by my inner calling to create a life of grander purpose – not only for myself but also for those around.

In both my personal as well as professional circles, I have always found myself gravitating towards holding space for others and helping them get in alignment with their highest potential. Therefore, putting in meticulous efforts to formally embark on the journey of becoming a certified life coach has come as one of the most organic decisions of my life.

To share a little background, I spent the first 14 years of my professional life working in the space of education. In the year 2015, I began transitioning into coaching with pastoral care and helping students identify suitable career paths. Finally, I fully embraced life coaching around 4 years back. Through all these years, it has been the heart-warming smiles, the transformed lives, and the sparkling eyes of the ones I have been able to support on a journey of re-rooting that has acted as my foremost source of strength. 

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Creating Us

What We Create Together

There exists in each one of us an uninhibited inner place that is formless and boundaryless  – that some of us refer to as ‘our core’ while that the others attribute as ‘our source’ or ‘a higher power’. Irrespective of what we may name it and how we may describe it, this place becomes our personal monastery that can offer us years of preserved wisdom and blueprint of our own life’s purpose.

Needless to say, this inner place is personal and uniquely profound for each one of us. When we engage as a coach and a client, it is this inner world that we begin to navigate together so that we can leverage on the wisdom it has to offer.  

The process we engage in is self-guided (the areas that need support and the solutions are both defined by you), introspective (we find the answers within you), and positive (we focus on what works for you instead of what doesn’t).  

Celebrating You

What is It that You Take away

What you take away from your coaching experience is largely determined by you and dependent on the areas of your life you wish to focus on during the sessions. These areas could be related to your own personal and spiritual growth, to your relationships at home, work, or with friends, and to circumstances or situations in life you want to transform.

The coaching experience is sure to add to your life by helping you:

  • touch base with your source and tap-in to the frequency of well-being.
  • create a sync between your inner self and your outer world, thus bringing in a sense of fulfilment.
  • look for creative solutions for anything that limits you or holds you back from being in alignment with your core.
  • expand your life to grander possibilities, and manifest abundance and magnificence.

Self Accessment Initiative

‘Know thyself’ – an idea that can be dated as old as time; a concept that is accepted across traditions, cultures, and disciplines as a universal solution to all the puzzles in life. And naturally then, with this idea or concept, comes the question – ‘How do I know myself?’ 

Could the widely popular self-assessment tests be an answer? Maybe so. But, think about it:

  • Does it matter what your personality type is if you cannot rendezvous with your inner self?
  • Does it matter what your intelligence or emotional quotient is if your natural talents are unused?
  • Does it matter how fully you live with others if you are unable to live your own core values?
  • Does it matter how well you score on creativity if you are unable to create a life aligned to your purpose?

Staying true to the essence of this truth, the ‘Self Accessment Initiative’ by Ritesh is a heartfelt effort to partner with those who view themselves as ever-evolving beings that do not need to assess but access the wisdom of their inner self, source, and core values. It is an endeavour to empower one and all in manifesting their grandest vision of themselves by establishing a seamless rhythm between their ‘being’ and ‘doing’.

Having Ritesh as a life coach has brought in me a spiritual metamorphosis. The most significant thing that I have received from him is a non-judgmental, safe space where I am able to embrace my most authentic and vulnerable self without any doubt overpowering me. He has helped me emerge as a more confident, secure, and inwardly-looking person.

I have been able to add to the depth and intensity of my happiness, my own calling in life, and sense of fulfilment through his sessions. He has worked with me tirelessly in bringing balance, honesty, and healthy boundaries to the way I relate to people around me (something I used to grapple with immensely). He has supported me in my journey of finding compassion, love, and acceptance for myself within myself. As a coach, he has always met me as someone who is forward-looking, holding me in positive focus, and is fully attentive to my growth. I have been able to have life-changing revelations about my personal values, my life purpose, and my inner guidance system through his sessions.

Kishneet Kaur


Associate Academic Director – LEAD

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